God help us, I’m starting a blog

Nineteenth Attempt

Good morning, All …and welcome to my second attempt at writing this blog. Today’s lesson: SAVE DRAFT frequently. The message and wit shall be honed to perfection in this revised version. Not. Moi’s last blog, #18, deserved extreme green pen correction. Those attentive and frighteningly knowledgeable amongst the readership will have observed my humiliating errorContinue reading “Nineteenth Attempt”


This weekend is an absolute treat for Bookie people and anyone interested in Ideas – in my case, even when I don’t fully understand or remember them a twinkle of minutes later. This year there is no need to schlepp to Hay-on-Wye to “Imagine the World”, the Hay Festival’s strapline. Even queuing in a tent is no longer part of the audience’s quid pro quo with the organisers. The whole thing has gone online. It’s FANTABIDOSI! and free too.

SEVENTEENTH instalment

While trying to find something of relevance to the number 17, I discover a Korean boyband of that name, 세븐틴). And did you know about the famous seventeen-year locust? Know-All Miriam Webster explains: : a cicada (Magicicada septendecim) of the U.S. that lives most of its life as a wingless underground nymph and emerges from the groundContinue reading “SEVENTEENTH instalment”


Here we are again. Hello! Those of A Certain Age amongst us might well remember a Radio 1 D.J called Simon Bates routinely playing, midmorning, a 45rpm record (remember them?) urging us to “Keep Young and Beautiful…If you want to be loved”. This was shortly before the theme tune from Zefferelli’s “Romeo and Juliet” filmContinue reading “SWEET SIXTEEN”


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